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Digital currency investment system with multiple payment gateway support

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  1. Client Can Earn Money By Invest Their Any Crypto Currency Also Supported Normal Currency. You can call this component like HyIp, BitCoin Doubler, Investment ETC. 
  2. Completely Working Membership System, I Fixes All Membership Bugs. 
  3. Moment Money Deposit , System. reflect immediately on fiat currency, and manually approved by the admin for digital currency. 

  1. Gigantic update on Referral System. For example, User Sign Up Bonus, Sign Up Bonus on Who Share Referral connection and Who Sign up with That Link, Store Bonus By Referred User Deposit. 
  2. Acquire Money By Referred User, Earn By Referred User Membership Upgrade. 
  3. Fixes All Bug on Money Transfer System. Client Can See their Money and Crypto Currency Investment Details Client Can See their Investment Interest History, Fixes Some Bug User Withdraw History and Deposit History.


  1. Administrator  Can Top up user account,  reset user password activate user account and deactivate user account of Any client on his site. 
  2.  Administrator Can Set Instant Payment Gateway Fixed and Percentage charge.
  3.  Dynamic and De-Active Gateway Status. 

  1. Administrator Can See Latest Instant Deposit, Verify their Payment .
  2. Presently User Withdraw System. Client solicitation pull back and administrator send cash then simply need snap total catch. That is it..!

 there are many more to the script than its mentioned on this post. you just need to find out your self.

To see login demo, kindly send an email to SUPPORT  we will not post the logins online for security reasons. Click here to add this script to your cart
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2 Responses to "Digital currency investment system with multiple payment gateway support"

  1. Thanks I got the script. What is the default admin password?

    1. You are welcome Sochill. The database is salted, you need to use the same password hash pattern. This method might be too technical for you.

      Kindly upload the sql to your database,

      Register a new account from the site homepage, go to your SQL file and copy out the encrypted password from the password field. And replace it with the one in the admin field . Now login with the new password!!!!! Enjoy... thanks for purchasing our script. Feel free to contact us if you face any problem.